Jantar Standart 3
The SZD-48 Jantar Standard is a Standard Class glider that was designed and produced in Poland starting in 1977

Unable to introduce desired improvements to the SZD-41 Jantar Standard, SZD, under Władysław Okarmus' guidance developed the SZD-48 Jantar Standard 2. Using the SZD-41B Jantar Standard as a basis, the SZD-48 utilized the same wings mounted higher on a new fuselage and incorporated several detail refinements, such as an increase of water ballast capacity from 100 litres to 150 litres. Production of the initial production version the SZD-48 Jantar Standard followed the first flight piloted by Jan Roman totalling 44. Soon superseded by the SZD-48-1 Jantar Standard 2 with small refinements including replacing the ventilation flaps with a single flap on the underside in front of the launch hook. First flight of the SZD-48-1 took place at Bielsko on 18 September 1978 again flown by Jan Roman, production of 285 SZD-48-1s followed.

Blanik L-13
The L-13 Blaník is a two seater trainer glider produced by Let Kunovice since 1956. It is the most numerous and widely used glider in the world. In United States Air Force Academy service, it is designated TG-10C and is used for basic flight training.

The L-13 Blaník was designed by Karel Dlouhý of VZLÚ Letňany ca. 1956, building upon the experience gained with the Letov XLF-207 Laminar, the first Czech glider to employ laminar flow wing profiles. The L-13 was developed as a practical glider suitable for basic flight instruction, aerobatic instruction and cross-country training. This design concept was combined with true and tested technology: metal construction, NACA laminar profiles and many standard-issue components of the soviet aerospace industry.

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